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Overstitch is a procedure for patients who have had weight loss surgery but need some adjustments to lose the weight again.




Years after a successful gastric bypass, Donalda Cobb slowly gained back the weight. See how an Overstitch procedure helped Donalda get back to her ideal weight.

"I first saw Dr. Luttrell in 2001. I weighed over 200 lbs and wore a size 20 plus. I had back, knee and foot problems. Walking, let alone exercise was painful. I had an abdominal hernia and was referred to Dr. Luttrell. We discussed gastric bypass and decided to do it in conjunction with the hernia repair. I lost over 100 pounds and felt great. I was able to do things I couldn't do for years. Fast forward to October 2016. I had slowly gained back a lot of the weight. I was hovering around 190 and scared that I would soon be over 200 again. Another hernia, another trip to Dr. Luttrell. I asked him if there was anything we could do to get me back where I was and he recommended the overstitch. I was all for it. This was performed in January 2017 and I am back down to my ideal weight and size. I just turned 61 and do not want to spend the rest of my life obese and sitting in a chair. With a healthy diet and chasing grandbabies, I hope to stay where I am for the rest of my life."

weight loss revision surgery - Overstitch

The Saline Weight Loss Center now offers the most advanced minimally invasive technique for weight loss surgery revision – Bariatric Overstitch Procedure.

While many patients achieve successful results with their first bariatric surgery, others do not. Some patients experience significant side effects or complications from an earlier bariatric surgery. This may affect quality of life. Other patients seek revisional bariatric surgery when they do not achieve the expected rate of weight loss. For these patients, overstitch may be an option.

Weight Gain After Bariatric Surgery

A common cause of regaining significant weight after weight loss surgery includes gradual stretching of the stomach pouch or outlet. When the standard-of-care weight loss surgery procedures are performed, the stomach and outlet are made very small to reduce the amount of food consumed and slow the passage of food through the digestive tract. Together, this helps patients feel fuller longer after eating just a small amount. As a result, weight loss occurs from a dramatic decrease in calories. Many clinicians have shown when the stomach pouch and/or outlet gradually stretch, it takes longer for the patient to feel full. As a result, patients may begin to regain weight.

Overstitch Procedure in arkansas

If you have regained significant weight after weight loss surgery, you may be a candidate for a new endoscopic procedure called Overstitch that offers lowered risk of infection, limited post-operative pain, no visible scars and faster recovery times.

With new endoscopic devices that work with a standard endoscope, surgeons can reduce the volume of an enlarged pouch and the diameter of the outlet to their original post-operative proportions.

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